Here is a poem I just made up…


In this ruined industry

I have known only terror

That is illuminated by fury

For the unaccountability of error

At hands apart from mine

At hands longing for direction

But moving without a sign

And not stopping for introspection

No halt in the momentum

Careless and ever onward

Unaware that this is bedlam

Feeling more and more empowered

By this lapse outside confinement

And you stray, you lose your sight

Failing to notice ahead the predicament

You will understand that something is not right

Just in time to crash

Ultimately you failed to see

In the road a gash

Only then you will know that you were free

Only within the legroom of your cage

And while in hand rests the key

Active in your continuation to disparage

The notion that there is another way to be


It corresponds with work currently in progress.